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First Fallen - Mortar (5) - Created (Cassette)

9 thoughts on “ First Fallen - Mortar (5) - Created (Cassette)

  1. Mazumi says:
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  2. Kiktilar says:
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  3. Maujas says:
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  4. Arashicage says:
    Mortar takes compressive strength as its strength index. Its compressive strength is decided by the mean value of the compressive strength of a group (6 pieces) of standard test samples after being cured for 28 days. Mortar has six strength levels such as M, M, M, MIO, M15 and M
  5. Kikinos says:
    I'm basing some Americans for flames of war with snow bases and I was wondering what materials I should use for logs, fallen branches, etc. Its 15mm( scale) so I don't know what would look good at this scale. I'm using Valhallan blizzard and army painter grass tufts if it matters. Thanks!
  6. Faujinn says:
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  7. Guzshura says:
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  8. Jutaur says:
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  9. Akinojora says:
    I was testing a loadout for solo fallen and i find out that the Mortar proyectiles ignore damage reduction. Cool. so at first I never bought any towers because they were already available in the event. I discovered I could buy towers and asked a guy I was playing with which ones to buy. Created .

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