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  1. Moll says:
    Piobaireachd Manuscripts Welcome Page. Introduction. Welcome to the on-line piobaireachd manuscripts collection being hosted by McGillivray Piping Partnerships and Ceol Sean CD’s. The collection consists of four manuscripts; Angus MacKay’s manuscript, David Glen’s manuscript, the Nether Lorn manuscript, and Peter Reid’s manuscript. Web hosting of these manuscripts has been .
  2. Faezuru says:
    Sep 13,  · These manuscripts are practical in appearance and design. • Early Christian manuscripts reflect the Christian belief in the word of God as an essential component of the Christian life. By designing manuscripts to facilitate greater ease in reading, they are working to disseminate the scriptures to a greater audience.
  3. Makazahn says:
    Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts is a captivating examination of twelve illuminated manuscripts from the medieval period. Noted authority Christopher de Hamel invites the reader into intimate conversations with these texts to explore what they tell us about nearly a thousand years of medieval history - and about the modern world, too/5().
  4. Bradal says:
    Palm-leaf manuscripts are manuscripts made out of dried palm leaves. Palm leaves were used as writing materials in the South Asia and in Southeast Asia dating back to the 5th century BCE and possibly much earlier. Their use began in South Asia and spread elsewhere, as texts on dried and smoke treated palm leaves of Borassus species (Palmyra palm) or the Ola leaf (leaf of Corypha umbraculifera.
  5. Yozshuzahn says:
    Running Head: Intro: SGRQ Manuscripts FundingSupport: Funding for this COPD Biomarkers Qualification Consortium working group was provided by AstraZeneca, Boehringer-Ingelheim, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis and Pfizer.. Date of Acceptance: February 6, Abbreviations: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD; forced expiratory volume in 1 second, FEV 1; St George’s .
  6. Arashigal says:
    Based in part on Module 2: Processing Digital Records and Manuscripts by J. Gordon Daines III, (Society of American Archivists, ). The ebook of Module 2 is included in the fee for the purchaser. Module2 is part of SAA series Trends in Archives Practice, which addresses the practical management of archives and manuscript collections in the.
  7. Shaktilmaran says:
    Authors: Manuscript Division staff. Editor: Lara Szypszak, Reference Librarian, Manuscript Division Note: This guide is taken from the publication of the same title. This publication was made possible by generous support from the James Madison Council, a national, private-sector advisory council dedicated to helping the Library of Congress share its unique resources with the nation and.
  8. Vudokus says:
    Luḥ shaʻot ḥatsi ha-yom le-merḥav 44; Alfonso X, King of Castile and Leon, Luḥot Alfonso; Boniṭ, Yaʻaḳov ben Daṿid ben Yom Tov, ha-Poʻel. Luḥot ha-poʻel; Maimonides, Moses, Perush ha-Talmud la-Rambam (Rosh ha-Shanah); Hebrew Manuscripts (Columbia University Libraries) NNC.

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